Corporate Message

Corporate Message

We are all about People and Technology – Information Technology in particular, and how we help companies harness the power of Business Software to make timely decisions and gain a competitive edge. This milestone is faced by all business owners and stakeholders of all organizations.

Any Business Software Solution is only as good as the Company that conceives it, authors it and stands behind it. That's why smart organizations always find out as much about the Company, the resources, and the people behind the Business Software Solution before they invest. Clients need to know how their investments will be protected and enhanced over the expected life cycle of their Business Software. The longer it is, the more important the relationship will be.

This website will give you an insight of Blue Chip Computers. We have grown over the last 30+ years and today as a leading Business Software Solution provider, we have developed and delivered more Business Software Solutions - for both horizontal & vertical markets, than most companies our size.  Thousands of customers worlwide will stand testimony to our deliverables.

We have reviewed our Business Software Solution product & services lineup, including our strategy, technology direction, our consulting services and support procedures, our corporate culture, our people, etc.

Taking care of the people who take care of our clients, and keeping them motivated and productive, is very important to us.


Founder President & CEO