"Blue Chip has become a valued partner for us at Intellitech. They have jump started our ability to deliver eSolutions to our client base. Their professionalism and ability to react quickly to our needs gives us a great resource for today and into the future."

Dale Dowdie - President & CEO,
Intellitech Consulting Enterprises, Inc., MA, U.S.A.

.....Their professional and timely services are welcomed in a time when there are so few real Professional Companies, in this new and expanding field."

Ron Lively - President & CEO,
Prescription PC, Inc., MA, U.S.A.

“Blue Chip has the resources and talent to get the job done. We used them for a Microsoft Site Server project that they helped come in and diagnose a technical problem with. They were professional, knowledgeable and fast.”  

Ivan Steinberg - President & CEO,
Computer Breakthrough, Inc., MA, U.S.A

"We needed a development partner who would address our unique requirement of quickly grasping our knowledge base and be able to engineer leading edge technology applications. We aligned ourselves with Blue Chip. They delivered on all fronts. Thanks to Blue Chip, the development time was cut drastically. They delivered on time and within budget. Our customers were thrilled, resulting in enhanced customer loyalty."

Apurva Patel - President,
Transponet.com, Inc., NY, U.S.A.

"We have worked with Blue Chip on a number of assignments and potential assignments in U.A.E. with very satisfactory results. Solutions suggested by Blue Chip are always relevant and we have no hesitation in recommending them to our customers. We congratulate them on their tenth anniversary and wish them every success for the future”

R.B.(Nick) Benge FCA - Partner, BDO Patel Chartered Accountants, U.A.E.

"Blue Chip developed an integrated application software for us, designed specifically to suit our needs, as a major retailer. For eight years now, Blue Chip has provided us with excellent services and continue to customize our software according to our growing requirements. Their flexibility and true partnership has been an integral part of our success.”

Ramesh Prabhakar - Managing Director, RIVOLI Group, U.A.E.

“I have experienced Blue Chip to be the finest IT company in U.A.E., as regards their services. You can always depend on them for their support …… for anything”

Gratian Sequeira - Finance Controller, Saleh Construction Group, U.A.E.

"Our decision to choose Blue Chip was not primarily on price. They were the only vendor who offered a proven HRD software solution, meeting requirements of various Middle East countries, where we operate. They also customized their solutions to give us a perfect fit.”

Eric Kavanagh - Regional Manager Middle East & East Africa, Energy Services Intl. Ltd., U.A.E.

"We have had a very strong business relationship with Blue Chip. We have found them to be very professional. Their attitude, approach and team work leaves nothing more to be desired. We look forward to a continued and mutually beneficial business relationship with Blue Chip in the future."

Bahman Marzbani - Director, www.consult pty ltd., Sydney, Australia

"Congratulations …only the best survive in this industry. Blue Chip reengineered our back-office system onto the latest technology, which has enabled us offer state-of-the-art Sytems to our customers. They did an excellent job and we are looking forward to working closely with them on other projects"

Nash Teja - NDC Manager, Galileo Emirates, U.A.E.

"ACS and Blue Chip share a common commitment to information technology and their clients. This relationship allows us to jointly provide best of breed business solutions to our customers."

Milan Patel - CEO, ACS International Resources, Inc., DE, U.S.A.

"We are highly impressed by Blue Chip's Business Software Packages, specifically catering to vertical market segments. The menu-driven & user-friendly approach provides transparent & accurate information for decision makers and users alike. The on-line transaction processing capabilities as well as the data security features have added to the overall benefits, that our group has reaped, since implementing Blue Chip's Software Solutions."

Harry Fatakia - Director, INTERPRO CRI Pty Ltd., Sydney, Australia

"Blue Chip's true assets are not just the wide selection of software solutions, they have authored over a decade. Their employees are their star assets. Their professionalism, IT knowledge, maturity, understanding, cooperation and client commitment demonstrated is exemplary. I guess it is part of their corporate culture and grooming."

Prashant Fadia - President & CEO, Abacus Software Group, Inc., MA, U.S.A.